Photographs of LIVE Tree Frogs

NOTE:  The following photographs are made in a studio, or outdoors, using LIVE frogs. They are NOT multiple or composite images, or examples of digital manipulation.

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Mt. Dora


Coconut Grove


Las Olas


Juno Beach


Dogwood Festival


East Lansing Festival


Patriot News Festival


Three Rivers Fest


Wells Street Festival


Talbot Street Festival


Boston Mills Artfest


Wickford Art Festival


Ann Arbor Art Fair


Elmwood Ave. Fest of Arts


Arts Beats & Eats


Black Swamp Arts Festival


Alexandria Festival of Art


Armonk Outdoor Art Show


St. James Court (4th St.)



Mount Dora, FL 


Miami, FL


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Jupiter, FL


Atlanta, GA


East Lansing, MI


Harrisburg, PA


Pittsburgh, PA


Chicago, IL


Indianapolis, IN


Penninsula, OH


North Kingston, RI


Ann Arbor, MI


Buffalo, NY


Royal Oak, MI


Bowling Green, OH


Alexandria, VA


Armonk, NY


Louisville, KY



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March, 11-12


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May, 27-29


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June, 10-11


June, 17-18


June, 30-July, 2


July, 8-9


July, 20.23


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Sept., 9-10


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