Photographs of LIVE Tree Frogs

NOTE:  The following photographs are made in a studio, or outdoors, using LIVE frogs. They are NOT multiple or composite images, or examples of digital manipulation.

Frogs & Flowers

Gerber Row

Yellow Tulip

Orange Daisy

Frog on Calla Lily

Frog in Paradise

Frog on Purple Daisy

Tulips in Red Cup

Frog & Iris

Three Gerber Daisies

Blue Orchid

Dart on Sunflower

Pink Hibiscus

Frog on Daisy

Bleeding Hearts

Three Curls

Bed of Roses

Frog on Red Heliconia

Rose Petals

Orange Tulip

Peeking Over Sunflower

Five Gerber Daisies

Yellow Iris

Yellow Orchid

Pink Daisy

Five Sunflowers

White Daisy Petals

Frog on White Vase


Frogs on Sunflower

Statice & Frog

Tropic Fleur

Purple Hyacinth

Frog on Wax Plant

Frog in Heliconia